Cycling & Shoes: Five Ways to Look Sharp and Move Fast

Most office jobs require, at least to some degree, decent footwear, epsecially  leather shoes. While these shoes look pretty good, they might not be the best fit for cycling. Leather soles don’t get good grip on bike pedals. And yes, if the bike pedal gets a good grip on your soles, they can get destroyed in a few in rides. So what to do?

1. Adapt your shoes

 Just in case you can’t change your shoes and want to protect your leather soles, your local shoemaker will gladly help you to protect your leather soles with extra protection, for example a thin rubber sole.

2. Keep a second pair of shoes at the office

If you have the necessary space at the office, an acceptable solution is to change your shoes when you arrive. Just leave your nice leather loafers or high heels at the office  closet and you’re ready for the ride.

3. Changes your pedals

But what to do, when you can’t (or don’t want) to change your shoes? Many pedals are equipped with sharp teeth, which provide great grip for downhill rides, put bite ugly holes in even the best leather soles. We discuss some interesting options in this post.

Changing bike pedals is also easy to do. We will include a Tech and Maintenance section in our page, so stay tuned 😉

4. Business shoes with rubber soles

A few years ago, I made a discovery that would greatly increase my well-being. During the lunch break of a rainy day I went for a walk. My leather were still wet from my morning commute and I had cold feet. Coincidentally I’ve entered a shoe store to check out their sales.

This day I’ve got my first pair of Barratas 1890 shoes with XL Extralight® soles, like these. These shoes proved not only highly comfortable for long days at the office, but also a great choice when you have to sprint to catch a train or are out for a bike ride.

The best part? You won’t distinguish them at first sight from genuine leathersoles. This is true mastery of invisibilty.

The art of invisibility is a key principle of Ninjutus and allows us to remain “true to ourselvs but blending so effectively with the prevailing ways of society that we remain almost unseen, leaving no footprints in the sand, while still achieving our purporse”, as Ross Haven (The Spiritual Practices of the Ninja) points out.

Barratas 1890
Barrats 1890 – Great for cycling 

5. Cycling shoes

Modern cycling shoes can also be a great option, when you don’t have to hide your cycling self. These ones are the favorites of a good friend of mine: The Five Ten Freerider Pro. 

Five Ten
Five Ten shoes – A comfortable choice for tough rides

What’s your favorite choice for a good ride? Please leave your comments!


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