Pedals for Urban Rides

“Oh, lovely… A pair of tibia crushers”, was what my friend and colleague Franjo told me when he saw these vintage pedales that I’ve bought coincidentally at a bike store at the beach. They look nice, stylish, and are working perfectly. But, be careful! They might not have the best grip… This is the reason, why my friend gave them this charming nick name.

Vintage Pedals.jpg

The “tibia crushers“, restored vintage pedals

Personally I still use the original MTB padels, that came with my bike. They’re doing a decent job, and yes… They have developed a pretty nice patina.

Macro Pedals
My MTB pedals – shot with a MI Note 3 and a macro lens 

So what kind of pedals are the best for fast and dirty city rides? 

Having good pedals – and corresponding footwear – is one of the most important thing for fast and fulfilling rides. Your pedals will have to have to fulfill the following needs:

  • Give you a good grip in all condition
  • Preferably not destroying your shoes
  • Look nice
  • Have a good visibility

Searching for the best alternatives for urban bike rides, I’ve found the Moto Urban Pedals. They are really nice, made of one piece, flat and stylish.

These pedals have a premium wood version (maybe not suitable for commuting areas with a high theft risk) and a lower priced plastic version.

If you want an extragrip, MTB flat pedals proved to be a good choice…

Enjoy the ride!!











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