GTDⓇ on the go

This post is about David Allen’s Getting Things DoneⓇ (GTDⓇ) methodology adopted to cycling & commuting. I am a huge GTDⓇ-enthusiast… Actually, Urban Bike Ninja wouldn’t be alive without GTDⓇ.

Kathryn & David Allen, Axel Blumenberg
From left: David Allen, Kathryn Allen, Axel Blumenberg at a GTD workshop in Amsterdam 

For those of you, who never have heard about GTDⓇ, is a productivity system based that helps you to stay organized and relaxed. GTDⓇ is based on five key elements:

  • Capture
  • Clarify
  • Organize
  • Reflect
  • Engage

Getting clear and current through an in depth weekly review is an awesome sensation. But I have to admit it…

It is sometimes tough to keep following through. When you work highly mobile like me, sitting down two hours, for example on Friday, to review all your stuff might be complicated. But skipping your weekly review for too long isn’t a choice either. So what to do?

I’ve set up my GTDⓇ-system that way, that I can review my stuff almost anywhere, at any time. A physical in-tray at home, but I use mostly my phone as my digital inbox and take a small notepad with me. In some occasions I also a carry a voice recorder with me.  

Mobile office 1
One of my mobile office setups 

My personal productivity system runs on Evernote. It is my secret weapon to stay on my productive edge. So even if I shouldn’t be able to find some time for a weekly review, there are always time frames that can be used. For example commuting rides by train, waiting for the next meeting…

Even if you can’t review all of yours stuff, you’ll be way ahead just doing some part of it. Cycling and mobile office setups allow you also to give a different flavor to your weekly review. So hey, why don’t get your bike and take a ride to a sunny park, get yourself a nice coffee and do your weekly review there.

Keep riding,