Mobile office setup

You’re much already have experience that commuting can be your most soul-crushing experience at today you lose all of and productive time just to get from one point to the other. At Urban Bike Ninja it is our mission to help you to make the best out of your commute and turn commuting time in something beautiful and useful.
Cycling can help you to gain a lot of time if you have to move inside your city…
But what to do, if your commuting route — like mine — includes public transport?
On my own journey I have found my favorite productivity setup for commuting. I not only a cycling junkie, but also a Getting Things Done® — GTD® for short — and productivity addict. I’ll soon share my GTD® hacks for avid travelers… but let’s take a look at my basic mobile office:

Basic mobile office setup
A basic setup for a mobile office

A basic setup for a mobile office: Phone, Bluetooth keyboard, small notepad, pens, pencil case…

Being productive & cycling requires to pay special attention and size . I’ve downsized my stuff to the bare minimum, making sure I can stay highly productive almost anywhere. So what’s in my backpack?

Let’s start with one of the key ingredients for high productivity… COFFEE!! Nothing fuels you up like having a nice cup of coffee on your commuting ride. The combination of the fresh endorphins from an early morning ride and the magic power of roasted beans is a clear winner. I use a steel coffee mug that closes tight and proved highly resistent to impacts. Believe me, the last thing you want is a “coffee incident” on your way to work…

Next step — Get your work done… I’ve been testing different setups. A laptop is usually too heavy and takes too much time to boot. Sometimes it might be necessary, but in any other cases my phone and a nice Bluetooth keyboard allows me to respond emails or work on Evernote or Google Docs.

I always take a small notebook with me just to jot down some ideas make drawings or whatever. Mobile applications allow to scan and upload things directly to Evernote, for exemple business cards.

A battery pack, charging cables, earphones and your tech equipment complete any commuting equipment. Just make sure to review your backpack regularly in order to avoid unnecessary weight.

Enjoy the ride,