Self Defense Hacks For Cyclists

At Urban Bike Ninja, we take the Ninja part quite serious. In this part we would like to share some basic self defense techniques for cyclist. But first some words of caution. One of the most important principles of self defense is to protect your own physical integrity as well as the physical integrity of your opponent. So please, don’t put yourself or anyone in danger… We want you to read our stuff for a long time.

A Shuriken – maybe NOT suitable for commuting backpacks

Riding a bike allows you to get away fast of dangerous situations. This is usually the best and most effective self defense technique. The content of this section has been developed with Shihan Gabriel Garcia, a master of various disciplines of martial arts, both traditional and contemporary. While a trained professional like Gabriel is capable to defend himself with almost anything at hand… Or even with his bare hands, people with no or more basic skills in martial arts -like me- would would probably have no idea what you can do with all the bike stuff at hand.

I’ve learned a lot about self defense… And as you will see, yes it did hurt.

So, let’s center on what bike accessories we can use to escape or defend ourselves, for example:

  • Helmet
  • Backpack
  • Bike lights
  • Locks
  • Airpump

Backpacks can be used for an effective protection against knive attacks: 

But also other equipment can be highly useful. Bike lights can be used to glare opponents and allow to escape dangerous situations. Security forces use this technique as well. 

Sigma Sportster
Sigma Sportster bike light

We have also seen (and suffered) some more specific defense techniques with Shihan Gabriel García. We will post some detailed information soon. 

Shihan Gabriel García 

A big thank you to Shihan Gabriel Garcia and his team!!