Ninja Skills

A short introduction to the noble art of camouflage

Your probably won’t expect to read the the words shikin haramitsu daikomyo – the traditional salutation at the Dojo – associated with cycling. But martial arts and bikes might have more in common that might appear at first sight.

Urban Bike Ninjas
Shihan Gabriel García (left) & Axel Blumenberg (right).

Cycling is the art of moving with stealth, silently crossing hidden ways. Moving fast through the traffic jam, conquering new urban spaces. The Ninja has always been an explorer… Their ability of being invisible at plain sight is legend. The color of their traditional dress – both black, or even more common, indigo blue – made it easy to blend into the night. Ninja also were master of disguise, maybe as an old man, a beggar or monk, in order to approach their targets.


Urban cycling plays with visibility & invisibility.  In order to avoid getting runned over late at nite or in the early morning jam you have to be highly visible (we will get to this point later), but at usual office jobs you will have to follow some kind of dress code. Saying it with other words, you will have to disguise your cycling – self.

Commuting Bike
My commuting bike ready for the ride…

But not only yourself – camouflage is also an interesting way to make sure your commuting bike waits for you after a long working day. The older & uglier your bike might seem – the better in some case… no one will pay unwanted attention. As well as probably no one will notice that your bike is perfectly maintained, chain and gears clean and properly oiled, tire pressure at its best and everything prepared to disappear into the the night – fast and silently…


Enjoy the ride!